Requirements when Traveling into Tijuana Mexico

Embassy of Mexico

Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 728-1600

Department Of State – American Travelers Services

Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 647-5225

Let’s begin by saying that the task of crossing over the border into Mexico is very simple and safe!  We will make sure all goes well between the time you land and when you depart, so you do not have to stress over this process.  

When traveling to Mexico for your bariatric procedure, it is mandatory that you have a valid passport.  We recommend that you bring BOTH an ID and an original birth certificate. If you do not have a passport or your passport is expired, you would need and, if pressed for time, can order it expedited whether a passport application/renewal in order to receive your passport prior to your departure to Mexico.

If you do NOT have a passport

PassportApply several months in advance for a new passport. If you already have one, it should be valid for at least six months after you return home and have two or more blank pages, depending on your destination

If you are crossing the border, you may use one of the following instead of a conventional passport only upon approval from your Patient Coordinator.

  • Passport ID Card
  • Enhanced Driver’s License (Currently only the following states that provide these are: Washington, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, and New York)
  • Both a Valid Driver’s License/ID Card AND Original U.S. Birth Certificate (no copies). It is also highly suggested to bring your Social Security card as well as a recent utility/cell phone bill that matches your name and the address shown on your license/ID (in combination with License and original U.S. Birth Certificate)



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