We want you to be informed of our process and what to expect.

We want this journey to be as easy and comfortable as possible.

We are here to help and answer any questions you may have as well as be with you every step of the way.

Call Us (866) 415-0816

(866) 415-0816

We begin with 3 simple steps to qualify you for our endoscopic procedures, provide you with a final cost, and schedule your appointment.

Have a 1 on 1 with the Doctor.

Select a Date

Leave A Deposit

One-on-One with Dr. Bustamante

Once you have had your first one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bustamante, and you have created a plan and decided on the type of procedure you will have, you can select a preliminary date for your procedure. 
After that, we will send you an invoice (with a link so you can pay electronically) for a $300 deposit fee to guarantee your procedure date (this amount will be subtracted from your grand total, details about our cancellation and refund policy you can find it HERE. After receiving payment we will get your process started and schedule your consultation with our certified nutritionist.

Travel to El Paso

Book your flights to El Paso International Airport (ELP). Flight Instructions include;

ARRIVAL DATE: You need to be in El Paso 2 full days before your procedure date.

DEPARTURE DATE: Recommended After 4:00 pm

Once you arrive in El Paso, you will be picked up by the transportation service you hired (we have a transportation service that we recommend if you do not wish to use UBER).

Traveling to El Paso:

Once in your hotel, you will be greeted by our Patient Coordinator and you will be given an information sheet with all the necessary phone numbers in case you would like to contact us while anytime during your travel. You will also be given a schedule with the dates, times, and addresses for your doctor’s appointments or final lab work, in case you have anything pending.

Your coordinator will inform you what time you need to be in the lobby so the shuttle service/UBER can take you to scheduled appointments with Dr. Marco Bustamante. If you need lab work, it can be arranged as well with the shuttle service from the hotel or with UBER in case the hotel where you are staying does not provide shuttle service.

It is recommended that you take a rest day before the day of your procedure. This way you can relax, rest and foremost stay away from crowds and public spaces to prevent possible contact with Covid19.


Staying in El Paso:

A shuttle or UBER service will take you to the hospital and you’ll meet with the patient advocate/coordinator. You might have a small wait in a general waiting room area prior to getting assigned your own room.

Dr. Bustamante will visit you prior to the procedure, will ask a few questions, and make sure everything is ready for your preparation before moving you to the endoscopy room. At the same time Linda Cardona LND, NS, will give you a call or do a Facetime meeting just to go over any last-minute details on your post-op diet.

This is a very good time to ask any questions you might have for Dr. Bustamante and/or Linda Cardona LND, NS, about pain and nausea medication, diet, recovery time, etc. Then you will have your procedure done.

The process times will vary depending on which procedure you get done. For an ESG the approximate time is 2 hours from pre-op preparation until the procedure is completed. After that, you will be taken to your room to give you time to fully awake from anesthesia.

If you have a companion with you, they might let them come in and see you or they might have to stay in the waiting room until you are discharged, this falls under the hospital’s staff criteria.
After a couple of hours and if Dr. Bustamante considers it is 100% safe to leave the hospital, you will be discharged and the shuttle service from the hotel or UBER service will pick you up and take you back so you can rest and continue recovery in the comfort of your hotel room.

What to expect after your procedure…


Once in your hotel room...

Once in your hotel room, you can begin your recovery process, and this means to rest. Dr. Bustamante will call you a couple of hours later to check on you and make sure you are feeling ok. This is also a great time to ask him anything that concerns you; questions about your medication, if what you are feeling is normal, do’s and don’ts, etc. If you have questions about your immediate post-op diet you can always call Linda or let your Coordinator know so she can help you get a hold of any of the doctors or medical staff members 24/7.


Hotel Visit...

Dr. Bustamante or the physician on call, will make a medical visit (at your hotel) and follow up on you to make sure your recovery process is right on track. Feel free to ask anything that is concerning and make sure you communicate everything that you feel no matter how simple or insignificant, never withhold information from your doctor. Let him know if you have pain, nausea, cramps; although these symptoms are expected.



It's time to go home!

It’s time to go home! You are done and ready to go back to the comfort of your home and continue with your post-op-plan. Make sure you stick to your medications, as prescribed by your doctor, and follow your diet plan.
During your travel back home, make sure to follow your post-op diet guideline. It is very important you only drink what you are allowed and not to ingest other liquids like soda, alcohol, or coffee. Take your medication always on time so you can keep any symptoms of pain or nausea, under control. Ask for help with your luggage and don’t lift anything heavy.

Know that you can always reach out to Dr. Bustamante, Linda, or Giovanna for support and guidance. Remember to “Stay Honest” as you have come a long way and made a huge sacrifice to be where you are. Dr. Bustamante and the Be Better Bariatrics staff are as successful as your commitment to the process and to yourself.


You are never alone, we are always here to support you!


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