Welcome to the NEW ERA of weight loss


Endoscopic Non-surgical Bariatric options to lose weight.

Weight loss surgeries have caught on worldwide over the past decade with millions of people seeking medical attention to deal with Obesity & weight issues that have gotten out of control. Obesity and related illnesses are estimated to cost billions of dollars worldwide to health care systems.

Bariatric procedures are a great option for people that have tried to lose weight in conventional ways but have failed. Some of these weight loss surgeries require making changes (in some cases permanent) to the digestive system to limit the intake of food or change the ability to absorb fat and nutrients. These permanent changes also must be applied to eating and exercise habits to ensure success.

Weight loss surgeries can pose important health risks making patients reconsider these surgical procedures because they don’t always work out as they’ve been planned.

Bariatric Endoscopy. The NEW ERA of Bariatric procedures.

Bariatric endoscopy offers innovative, effective, and safe procedures that will allow you to lose weight without surgery.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG or EndoSleeve) that creates a gastric sleeve without incisions, staples or scars.  The EndoSleeve is performed introducing a camera through the mouth and reducing the volume of the stomach with a series of sutures done by an endoscopic stitching device.

Certified, Experienced Physicians use non-surgical effective weight loss techniques that allow patients to change their lives with minimally invasive alternatives.

NOW Managing obesity and metabolic diseases has many innovative options for people that are not candidates for bariatric surgery or that simply want to use non-surgical bariatric procedures to lose weight.

Bariatric Endoscopic procedures are gaining popularity worldwide, many countries that cater to Medical Tourism like Mexico have several weight loss packages and treatment options. All these performed by Experienced, Certified Physicians specialized in a variety of non-surgical effective weight loss procedures.

NOW investing in your health and safely managing your weight is possible in the care of BeBetter Bariatrics!

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