Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe)

Weight regain after
Bariatric surgery

Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe)

Weight regain after
Bariatric surgery

Weight Regain after Gastric Bypass (TORe)

Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe) is an endoscopic procedure indicated for patients who have regained weight after gastric bypass

When a gastric bypass is performed, the stomach is connected to the small bowel, this connection is called gastrojejunal anastomosis or “outlet”. Over time, this outlet becomes larger and patients do not feel full, this contributes to overeating, hence they regain weight. 

TORe is a simple endoscopic procedure in which the outlet is reduced to its original size placing sutures around the gastrojejunal anastomosis. These will restore the sensation of “fullness” while eating. 

The procedure is very brief (approximately 30-45 minutes) compared to a complicated revisional sugery and is done under sedation (not general anesthesia).

After the procedure you will be able to go home.

The BeBetter nutritional and back to physical activity and exercise programs need to be followed to maximize weight loss

Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass (TORe)

Base TORe package

Initial consultation

Comprehensive medical and nutritional assessment

TORe procedure (including equipment, anesthesia, physician and facility fees)

Be Better post-TORe customized nutritional plan by a bariatric dietitian for 1 year (including unlimited communication via email)

Physician follow up on month: 1,3,6,9 and 12 (including unlimited communication via telephone, video call, and/or email)

Enhanced TORe package

Base TORe package plus:

Be Better back to physical activity and exercise program by a certified coach for 1 year: $500.00

90-day complication coverage insurance for up to $25,000: $510.00 (only applies in the USA)

Concierge TORe package

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