No exercise, No surgery scars: Welcome Endoscopic weight loss methods


Obesity worldwide has tripled since the year 1975. According to the WHO obesity and overweight kills more people than lack of food.

Apart from making you fat and weak, there are a lot of health issues related to obesity. Obese people are at increased risk for many health conditions and serious illnesses like hypertension, cancer, diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, etc. compared to healthy people. Their living style is also greatly affected by obesity.

One and the best way to deal with obesity is by following a proper diet and exercising regularly. But these two things can be very difficult for extremely obese people. Also, pre-existing health issues may not allow most people to follow a diet. So in such cases, the next best option for weight loss is endoscopic weight loss procedures.

Endoscopic weight loss procedures are the procedures done endoscopically to attain weight loss in a person. In this procedure, doctors place a specific device or medication into the gastrointestinal tract. This is done so to limit the food intake by the person and hence reduce weight.

Though endoscopic weight loss is not exactly a cure for obesity, it can help a person attain weight loss to a great extent. Also, these procedures do not involve the creation of an incision on the body, making it safer and scar-free.

Some of the benefits of endoscopic weight loss procedures are:

  • Scar Free: the endoscopic procedures are done by inserting a tube down the throat, from the mouth to the stomach of the patient
  • Fast rate of recovery: unlike many surgeries, the recovery time is very less. A patient will be able to discharge from the hospital in one or two days.
  • Reversibility: these procedures do not involve any permanent removal or rearrangement of the stomach or intestinal tract
  • Improved co-morbidities: apart from weight loss, a lot of other health benefits like reduced risk of high BP, diabetes, sleep apnea, elevated cholesterol, and acid reflux.

Types of Endoscopic Procedures for Weight Loss

Bariatric surgeries are very common in today’s world. The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery stated that in 2018 alone 252,000 bariatric procedures were performed in the US. One of the best and safe types of bariatric surgery is the endoscopic weight-loss method.

There are different endoscopic procedures that can be performed to attain weight loss and the procedure may vary for different persons depending on factors like BMI, existing health issues, etc.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Procedure

The Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty is one of the widely done and effective endoscopic weight loss procedures all over the world. After the procedure, a person can lose about 20 percent of their total body weight, i.e. 40 to 60 pounds.

In this method, the doctor place special stitches inside the stomach of the patient. This reduces the food capacity of the stomach by 70 percent. After this procedure, the person will begin to feel full even by eating less. After a year of the procedure, the stitches will be absorbed by the body and hence do not require any procedure to remove them.

The weight loss attained by this procedure can last for a minimum of 2 years. It can also improve other medical issues the person may have suffered from like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Gastric Balloon or Intragastric Balloon Weight Loss

As the name indicates this is an endoscopic weight loss procedure that involves small balloons. This procedure can result in a person losing about 10 to 15 percent of the body weight.

In this procedure, durable balloons filled with gas or saline are placed in the stomach for about 6 to 8 weeks to promote a healthy weight loss. The balloons are mostly the size of a grape and will occupy one-third of the total space in the stomach.

This method helps to attain three times faster weight loss compared to traditional dieting and exercising. Lesser room in the stomach creates room for a lesser quantity of food and hence weight loss can be easily attained.

Gastric Injections

This is a procedure in which some of the stomach muscles are frozen to a certain temperature to slow the digestion process of a person. Though this procedure sounds a bit scary, it is a simple and safe procedure.

By this procedure, a person can lose 5 to 10 percent of his body weight. Though the procedure takes only 10 minutes to complete a follow-up will be required after 6 months of the initial procedure.

The freezing of the muscles is done by taking a series of injections in the stomach. This procedure does not leave any marks and is mostly done for cosmetic reasons.

End Word

Bariatric procedures are done by a lot of people around the world for various reasons, some to jump out of obesity while others to deal with health issues. No matter what the reason is, make sure that these procedures are done in reputed hospitals with qualified doctors.

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